Visco-confort pillow

The memory foam is a material, that reacts with your body heat, that is why it shapes to your neck and nape without making any point of pressure on them, for this reason you feel a very pleasant sensation of lack of gravity while using it at your resting time.

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Technical characteristics
FABRIC Smooothness treatment
100% cotton
250 g/m2
Mite treatment
INNER FABRIC 100% polyester
FILLING High density memory foam block

High density memory foam block

PRESENTATION Pvc zipper bag
colour insert
TREATMENTS Fabric: antipeeling, sanitized, anti-acaruses.
70 75 90 105 135 150
Confidence in Textiles
Nordconfort Quality

In Nordconfort, we use the most advanced and present day technology finishing processes. Which allow us to offer a more durable products and to guarantee the highest hygiene.

Anti-mites - Ergonómica - Transpirable - Indeformable
Almohada Visco-confort